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What is Emotional CPR?

Emotional CPR (eCPR) is a trauma-informed public health education program designed to teach people to assist others through an emotional crisis by three simple steps:

C = Connecting

The Connecting process of eCPR involves deepening listening skills, practicing presence, and creating a sense of safety for the person experiencing a crisis.

P = emPowering

The emPowering process helps people to uncover the deep wisdom of their emotions and to learn mastery over their feelings, as well as to assist others to feel more hopeful and engaged in life.

R = Revitalizing

In the Revitalizing process, people re-engage in relationships with their loved ones or their support systems, and they discover or resume roles, relationships, and community connections that support health and wellness. These routines reinforce the person's sense of mastery and accomplishment, further energizing their healing process.

Goal of Emotional CPR

Emotional CPR (eCPR) is designed to train people to assist others through emotional crisis and to make this practice accessible to people around the world.

Emotional CPR (eCPR)

eCPR is based on the principles of trauma-informed care, counselling after disasters, suicide prevention, cultural attunement, emotional intelligence, and peer support to avoid continuing emotional despair. This program was developed in USA, with input from a diverse group of recognized leaders who themselves have learned first-hand how to recover and grow from emotional crises. Presently, eCPR is being offered in many countries around the globe, and we currently have approximately 170 eCPR Educators and Trainers located throughout Australia, Canada, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Scotland, Taiwan and USA.

This is a highly interactive and participatory training: participants are expected to bring their authentic selves and share something of themselves as well. eCPR is a profound process of reclaiming our Connection (to self and others), embodying emPowerment and ultimately feeling Revitalized. The certification training engages your heart and mind in an experiential and unfolding process that includes embracing mutual support.

While the original intent of eCPR was to assist others through crisis (and the training still accomplishes this), with over a decade of providing this training all over the world, the consistent feedback is that it helps us become better listeners and supporters; it changes our perception of not only ourselves but of the world around us; it teaches us how to tap into our well of compassion and enhance all our relationships.

Thriving in these times of uncertainty means we need to practice self-care and reclaim our ability to feel connected, empowered and revitalized. Honestly, many of us were pleasantly surprised at how effective eCPR training has been in our new virtual training space; the energy, the safety, the sense of closeness and connection are all there.

We invite you to join us on this deepening journey! Those of us with lived experience of severe emotional distress have been well prepared for this global crisis because we have long known that our healing and resilience are enhanced by our connecting at a heart-to-heart level. eCPR certification training helps to alleviate the trauma of isolation and separation by laying a foundation for healing and wellness.

For further information, to schedule an introductory presentation, to attend a public practitioner certification training program in eCPR, or to host an eCPR program for your staff, clients or community, or if you are interested in learning more about becoming an Educator or Trainer for the Emotional CPR Practitioner Certification Training Program, email Behaviour Aid at or you can reach us directly at 1-613-530-6270. (Calls from outside Canada may use WhatsApp)

Emotional CPR (eCPR) is an internationally recognized practitioner certification program. eCPR programs are typically 12 hours in length. These experiential programs are typically held over 2- or 3-day periods. Two day programs run 7 hours per day, whereas three day programs run 4 hours per day. Each program is facilitated by one trainer and one educator as well as two (or more) apprentice educators.

There is a maximum of 20 participants per program. During the pandemic, in-person eCPR programs were not permitted, and as such, Emotional CPR (eCPR) programs were being held entirely virtually, using a Zoom platform. Now that the world is slowly reopening, we will gradually phase in more and more in-person programs in the future. Each individual course on the Attend eCPR page will clearly state if the program is being held virtually or on-site at our clients' locations.

For all virtual programs, each participant will require adequate internet access, a private, quiet space, and a dedicated laptop or desktop computer with a working webcam and microphone in order to participate in this interactive program. An eCPR e-certificate of practitioner certification will be provided to all participants who complete a minimum of 12 hours of the training.

Each participant will be provided with an eCPR Participant Resource Manual (Digital Copy) upon successful completion of the program. Hard copies of this resource manual can be purchased below (See BOOKS section).

Types of eCPR Programs

eCPR for Everyone
eCPR Practitioner Certification

An Emotional CPR Practitioner Certification Training Program designed to meet everyone’s needs. These programs can also be customized to meet your needs, timeline and availability.

eCPR for Youth
Youth eCPR Certification

A specialized Emotional CPR program facilitated exclusively to youth.

eCPR for First Nations
eCPR Certification for First Nations

A First Nations specific Emotional CPR Program, facilitated to First Nations groups throughout Canada. These programs are facilitated by First Nations trainers whenever possible.

eCPR for Parents / Caregivers
eCPR Certification for Parents / Caregivers

A specialized Emotional CPR Program, designed to assist parents in enhancing their relationships with their children.

eCPR for Queer / LGBTQIA2S+
eCPR Certification for Queer / LGBTQIA2S+

An eCPR training geared towards members of the queer / LGBTQIA2S+ community. The plus sign is an added welcome to anyone who feels these trainings might be appropriate for them but they do not necessarily identify with any of the terms listed. These programs are facilitated by trainers who themselves identify as queer / LGBTQIA2S+.

eCPR for Law Enforcement
eCPR Certification for Law Enforcement

A specialized Emotional CPR program that addresses the special needs of the law enforcement community and is facilitated exclusively to law enforcement professionals.

eCPR for Law Enforcement Fact Sheet

eCPR Resources

Click on + to see each full list.

15' Intro to Emotional CPR (eCPR) by Daniel Fisher, MD, 2022
Emotional CPR Explained
Mental Health Matters : Emotional CPR
What is Emotional CPR (eCPR)? - eCPR Short Promo
Emotional CPR Brings Hope, Life and Community to a Sad World
Emotional CPR Presented by Dr. Daniel Fisher and Shontelle Prokipcak: Webinar 63
Emotional CPR: An Introduction to Assisting Others through Emotional Crisis
Emotional CPR by and for Youth
Introduction to Emotional CPR Presented by Dr. Daniel Fisher
Emotional CPR with Dr. Daniel Fisher
This radio show originally aired on on Thursday, August 30, 2018

In this episode Dr. Baranowsky engages with guest speakers Dr. Daniel Fisher and Shontelle Prokipcak, proponents of the eCPR approach to building real, human connections, strong communities, and a broader life.
Emotional CPR

Emotional CPR (eCPR) stands for Emotional Connection, emPowering, and Revitalizing. It is a meaningful new approach for dealing with crisis and emotional struggles that was developed by Psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Fisher. Using this approach, people can learn how to connect with individuals and help them work through their trauma. Dr. Fisher's approach comes from the belief that “everyday emotions are tiny revelations”, and when listeners are present for those revelations, it allows them to build emotional connections and support each other.

The second guest speaker on this episode is Shontelle Prokipcak of Mental Health and Addiction Services of Ottawa (MHASO), a clinician who brought the training to the Ottawa region in October 2018.
Emotional CPR
More and more of us are learning CPR—the first aid technique used to assist someone with a heart problem. But many of us aren’t so confident helping someone with a mental health difficulty. A leading psychiatrist with his own lived experience would like to shift the paradigm of mental health services. He wants to empower people to play a strong role in their own recovery—so he’s teaching Emotional CPR.
Heartbeats of Hope: The Empowerment Way to Recover
Heartbeats of Hope: The Empowerment Way to Recover Purchase on Amazon

Emotion Sensation Feeling Wheel Handout (English)
Emotion Sensation Feeling Wheel Handout (English) Purchase from Lindsay Braham

La Rueda de Sentimiento Emoción Sensación (Spanish)
La Rueda de Sentimiento Emoción Sensación (Spanish) Purchase from Lindsay Braham

Emotional CPR Participant Resource Book
Emotional CPR Participant Resource Book Purchase from National Empowerment Centre

A New Vision of Recovery
A New Vision of Recovery Purchase from National Empowerment Centre

Healing Voices DVD
Healing Voices DVD Purchase from NEC Website

Harness Your Dark Side
Harness Your Dark Side Purchase from NEC Website

Emotional CPR Testimonials

Jessica's eCPR Testimonial
(October 18, 2022)
1 Stars2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars

Thank You E-CPR

E-CPR Is worth the time to take and learn, for my experience I learned to be more confident on myself with the tools provided.
As it's everyday life experience, to what I knew before, now am looking forward using E-CPR with better understanding. THANK YOU.

- Anonymous

1 Stars2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars

My experience with Emotional CPR

I was definitely going into territories unknown when I signed up for the 3-day course of emotional CPR with lead instructor Lisa Watson.
I had no idea how much this course would have affected me. Meeting people that had no idea what to expect and sharing some of the most private crises in our life was mind-boggling. We were all new and we all were ready to do the work. With the help of fantastic facilitators and actually being able to do the work with each other it has helped me open up so much! I'm thankful to have stumbled and crossed the paths of my instructors and classmates.

- Melanie Dunston

1 Stars2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars

Life experience*****

As a mentee,

I am constantly learning how to improve myself and how eCPR can be incorporated in my everyday life. eCPR has helped me communicate, helped my sense of awareness and it helped develop my sense of empathy with others. As a indigenous man, it helped me see how vulnerable i can be to intergenerational trauma that i had lived throughout my life.

I can now see what i need to work on and i able to share my vulnerabilities With others. The experience with eCPR was very well done and has opened many doors.

Would recommend to everyone!!!

- Jesse

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Lisa E. A. Watson

Lisa E. A. Watson is one of our Canadian certified eCPR trainers, who has her own past history overcoming anxiety, panic attacks, and depression, which led her into a rewarding career helping others overcome similar mental health issues. In addition to holding a Bachelor of Applied Arts degree in Behavioural Psychology, Lisa also holds several Masters-level accreditations in Trauma Recovery, Grief Support, Suicide Intervention, and Ambiguous Loss (MMIW/M). Lisa is also a Canadian Certified Addiction Counsellor and a strong mental health professional who is a passionate advocate for Canada's Indigenous peoples. She was a valued member of the National Mental Health and Wellness Crisis Response Team, and in that capacity has lived and travelled extensively throughout Canada's Arctic, assisting many First Nation and Inuit communities and reserves in times of crisis. She now runs her own Mental Health, Wellness and Crisis Response company, Behaviour Aid, both nationally and internationally.

Click here to read a full copy of Lisa's CV

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